5 laws of fat loss: the realistic guide to drop those extra pounds of fat

No! You are not alone. Almost everyone is around you trying to drop those extra pounds of fat they have accumulated. And like you,  they have tried almost everything to do fat loss, From Gym to Yoga, Keto diet to Fasting, Some wonder pills to fat-burning equipment. But the result is almost the same in each case. The result is not much inspiring. And like you, everyone has dropped the idea, shut the doors in themselves and turned into a state of insecurity, isolation and constant fear of not being the best of them.

I know a lot of people who have turned into an introvert just because they could not drop those extra pounds of fat and starting hating themselves constantly. You can’t blame them. Looking fit may be must these days, but it is hard but wise to admit a healthy body boosts confidence and productivity. A healthy body houses a healthy and sound mind. And the sound mind is key to the person you always wanted to be.

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There are thousands of myths that circle around the term fat loss. Yes! Myths, most of them are, as I like to call them. Eating extremely low may give you the impression of dropping your weight in a really quick manner. But that’s not healthy. Our body requires a certain amount of energy to carry out the essential tasks every day. It is the amount of energy we need every day to survive. We call it BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). BMR is expressed in Kilo Calories (Kcal). BMR is different from person to person.

Eating less may not essentially make you lose fat.

Everything we do in our daily life, from walking to climbing the stairs, from those morning joggings to heavy lifting we do in gym uses energy. Our body draws energy from the food we eat every day. For all the activities we do adds a few Calories to our BMR, Which in the result is the real amount of energy we need to survive in a day to day basis.

Imagine your BMR is around 1800 Kcal and you walk around 3 Kilometres every day. Walking 3 KMs in an average requires about 120 to 200 Kcal on an average. So for the day, the energy your body burns are about 2000 Kcal. But Imagine you are trying to drop those extra pounds of fat and you are eating extremely low (Say about 1000 Kcal) every day. The food you ate that day not only fall short of your BMR but also did not give you enough energy to replenish the energy used for walking those kilometres and recovery later. Initially, an extremely low-calorie diet may be made you drop your weight. This may look like the Secret Scroll to the fat loss.

But sooner or later, This will start showing the side effects like Tiredness, Body pain, Dehydration, slower recovery, nausea. You name it. And finally, a few sick days and you are advised back to your diet. And your endeavour to fat loss meets an end you never imagined.

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Now you may wonder “is there any healthy way to lose fat?” Yes, there is! And that too backed by the science. Many people will like to call it by different names. Many studies may find and give different approaches to fat loss. And for mortal humans like me and you, it is almost impossible to follow all these. And this made me look and study for the science behind the fat loss. To my surprise, What I found is almost all the healthy techniques of fat loss have something in common. Things that require a very fewer effort but the results are always better than what we expect. And I call those similarities “The Laws of Fat loss”, for simplicity and sound attractive (Off course!)

The Laws of Fat loss:

  1. Count Your Calories: Yes! Look for the nutritional facts before you eat something. Look and read the long-ignored Nutrition label in the pack. And if there is no label, all the facts are just a Google search away. Priorities Protein. Try to minimise the Carbs. Avoid calories dense foods and try to eat low calories food. This will keep you filled for longer and stop from Binge eating. Use a Calorie tracker like myfitnesspal’ to track what you are eating.
  2. Calorie Deficit: This is the single biggest tip to lose fat. Don’t fool yourself with eating like 1000 Kcal a day. Eat according to your BMR and daily activities you perform. For Men, the lowest margin for calories is not less 1400 Kcal a day and for women, it is 1200 Kcal. Know your BMR and Try to cut the calories progressively, like 5% for the first two weeks, then 10% and up to 20%. Never go below that.
  3. Make working out a lifestyle: Never go more 3 days without working out. Workout at least 4 to 5 times a week. Priorities Weight Training over Cardio. Weight training aids in fat loss while keeping the lean muscle mass intact, But Cardio aids in weight loss that means losing fat along with some lean muscle mass.
  4. Know what are you eating: Reduce the intake of carbs and increase the protein. Replace carbs dense food like Pasta, Rice, Fast foods with Protein-rich foods like Meat, Fish, Tofu. Eat enough portions of Vegetables. Drink water regularly.
  5. Take enough rest: Take enough rest. Resting helps in the recovery of our body and prepare for the next day. Always try to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Manage your stress. Meditate at least once every day.

Consistency and patience is the key.

The biggest challenge in a fat loss journey is the discipline we need. There will be times when you are walking down the street and saw something extremely tempting. You may have all the reasons for the world to go and eat that. But remember the efforts you are putting every day in the gym, in the kitchen to be the person you always wanted to be. Fat loss is all about doing a little every day not climbing the whole mountain in a day.

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This journey will be long, tiring and boring. But have patience. Every great thing takes time. If it is not hard it is worthy enough. A little ever day adds up to in the long run.

Track your journey. Measure your weight once every week. Get your fitness profile done. Look for the important indicators like BMI, Lean Muscle Mass and Percentage body fat. Keep a journal of these indicators. This will be a memory years later. You will open this journal someday somewhere when you will be a completely different person. And with a smile of achievement in your lips, you will say, “Yes! I did it.”

There is no wonder pills.

There are many pills, supplements in the market that would promise you to make you lose fat in no time. But Sorry to break your spell! There is no wonder pill. If there is any, that would be your dedication and effort. Only your dedication and effort can help you to lose fat. Don’t fall in the trap of those shiny Marketing ads. Those are nothing but botched up gimmick to sell something you never need.

If you follow these rules sincerely and regular, I can assure you will drop those extra pounds of fat you always wanted to drop off. Fat loss is not a work of hurry. It takes time and lots of dedication. There will be days when you are out of hope. You will lack the motivation to take the next step. I would suggest you look in the mirror when you are low on motivation. The person you see in the mirror, Yes you! You are the motivation to yourself.



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5 laws of fat loss: the realistic guide to drop those extra pounds of fat

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