In a life full of works, tasks, deadlines and struggles; fitness often takes the back seat. Our hassles to live a life our dreams, to get that house you dreamt with Pinterest, an Instagram worthy holiday; We always cut a deal with our fitness. While we put everything in the firsts of our bucket lists, Fitness and health silently sit in the bottom of that list. And as we go through the cycle called life, we age and unwantedly invite diseases to share our homes.


This needs to change. Fitness needs to be in the driving seat of our live. Exactly this is what moved us to create MyFitSuburb. After months of research, market study, we felt there are options to try out in the fitness sector. But most of them are yet to make dent in the lives of us.


There is always a better way; our motivation to design and create MyFitsuburb, a better way to take fitness wherever you go. MyFitSuburb is Noida based fitness aggregator with the idea of ‘Pay as you go’ in the fitness sector. With MyFitSuburb, you can workout whenever you want and wherever you want.


Currently available in 6 cities, we are empowering our customers to ditch the traditional and costly memberships of the fitness center and let them pay with our affordable plans. ‘Pay only for the days you workout’ is the magic sauce behind all the innovations and technology we put in use in MyFitSuburb and save on the days you rest.


With options ranging from weight training to Zumba, CrossFit to Yoga, Pilates to TRX Suspensions, Physio therapy to Nutritionist; we are bringing everything you need to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle one step at a time. All you need to do is to select the date and time of your choice, choose the workout and center and show up there!


Join us and be a part of our Journey to make India a healthy and fit nation. Invite us to your suburbs, cities, suggest us what we can add next, visit of social media profiles, share your stories and take this bond for eternity. You take one step and we will take two!